A NYC, NYS and PANYNJ approved MBE/DBE/SBE Company
A NYC, NYS and PANYNJ approved MBE/DBE/SBE Company


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Geotech & Environmental Engineering Support

Project Locations: Liberty Avenue, Brooklyn, NY New 10″ Water Main Between 156th Place and 158th Street.
Starting in April 2021 and expected to continue until approximately June 2024, this project is underway to replace the water main and combined sewer main. This work is being carried out on Liberty Avenue between 15th Place and 158th Street in Brooklyn, NY. The primary goal of this project is to enhance water distribution, mitigate street flooding , and address sewer backups. The scope of the project involves extensive excavation of the streets, which will result in disruptions to traffic and parking in the affected areas. Hudson Peaks has provided geotechnical engineering support and Boring Inspections for this prestigious project.

Project Locations: Montgomery Street and FDR drive under the SANDRESM 1:
The East Side Coastal Resiliency {ESCR) Project is an initiative for coastal protection jointly funded by the City of New York and the federal government. Its primary objective is to reduce the risk of flooding caused by coastal storms and rising sea levels on the East Side of Manhattan, spanning from East 25th Street to Montgomery Street. The project’s boundaries align with natural “pinch points” within the 100 year floodplain, which are areas where the land naturally rises along the coastline. This geographical feature makes it more feasible to create a system that can effectively block water from both the northern and southern directions.
What sets this project apart is its approach to integrating flood protection seamlessly into the local community, rather than isolating the neighborhood with barriers. This design not only enhances waterfront open spaces but also improves access for residents and visitors. Construction for the East Side Coastal Resiliency project commenced in the fall of 2020 and is expected to continue through 2026. Hudson Peaks has provided geotechnical engineering support and Boring Inspections for this Envision Gold Award (2022) winner project.

Project Locations: PS 085 The Great Expectations School at 2400 Marion Avenue, Bronx, NY.
The site is located in the backyard of the existing PS085 school building bounded by East 187th Street from the North, Webster Avenue from the East, residential multistory building from the South and 6 story school building from the West. One story mini school building occupies the center portion of the site. The proposed pavilion will occupy approximately 700 ft2 circular area, the center of which is located approximately 29 feet south of the existing mini school building. Hudson Peaks has provided Geotech Engineering support and Boring Inspections for this NYC SCA project.

1. Project Locations:  Slosson Avenue and Windsor Road.
Clarke Avenue & Montreal Avenue.
Manor Road and Schmidts Lane. on Staten Island NY
2. Project Locations:  Avenue D and 2nd St, New York, NY.
3· Project Locations: 475 Bay St, Staten Island, NY.
4. Project Locations: Park Avenue and E 102nd St, New York, NY.
5. Project Locations: 80 Scarborough Ave, Staten Island, NY.

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