A NYC, NYS and PANYNJ approved MBE/DBE/SBE Company
A NYC, NYS and PANYNJ approved MBE/DBE/SBE Company


Frequently Asked Questions

Find out what people want to know about us.

Hudson Peaks Consulting LLC (HPCL) is one of the team members of the Construction Leaders in New York. HPCL decided to extend our hands to everyone in this world who needs to ease up their stresses especially when it comes to close and to be paid for the project on time.

Being actively involved in this industry for the last fifteen years, we have decided to extend our services to all those hard-working Construction Industry Leaders who are most of the time buried under undesirable circumstances while administering a successful project.

Meraj Bhuiyan has over 15 plus years of experience serving as the Executive Vice President of Operations and Business Development at Twin Peaks. Mr.Bhuiyan is the day-to-day administrator of the company and supervisor of all Marketing and Business Development personnel.

Mr. Bhuiyan’s responsibilities include construction estimating, new client outreach, existing client relationship management, project management, negotiating with clients and vendors, representing Twin Peaks at industry events, strategic planning, and maintaining the efficiency of the company’s workforce. His areas of expertise include public infrastructure and transportation projects for public agencies and utility companies, and large-scale private developments in the New York metropolitan area, and regionally. Mr. Bhuiyan has procured and directly managed thousands of projects. Mr. Bhuiyan has structured administrative management  for those projects as well.

One of the key services offered by Hudson Peaks Consulting is Special Inspections. These inspections are
a crucial component of construction projects to ensure compliance with building codes and regulations.
Hudson Peaks Consulting has a team of highly qualified professionals who are well-versed in conducting
thorough inspections and providing detailed reports to ensure project quality and safety.
Hudson Peaks Consulting LLC (HPCL) is a reputable Special Inspection Agency registered with the NYC
Department of Buildings (license # 008381). With over four years of substantial experience, HPCL
has successfully worked on various capital construction projects, encompassing new building
construction, building reconstruction, building exteriors, mechanical and electrical system
upgrades, energy code compliance inspections, as well as major renovations and
reconstruction/repair projects for entities such as SCA, parks, and park buildings and facilities
throughout New York City. Presently, HPCL holds multiple term-agreement contracts for different
services with esteemed organizations including NYCHA, NYCSCA, NYCDDC, MTA etc.

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