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Get A Quote Hudson Peaks Consulting LLC (HPCL) is one of the team members of the
Construction Leaders in New York.
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Hudson Peaks Consulting LLC (HPCL) is one of the team members of
the Construction Leaders in New York.
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About Us Special Inspection Services Get A Quote Hudson Peaks Consulting LLC (HPCL) is one of the team members of the
Construction Leaders in New York.
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Hudson Peaks Consulting LLC (HPCL) is one of the team members of
the Construction Leaders in New York.
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HUDSONPEAKS Professional Drafting & Design Services In and Out New York

Hudson Peaks is always the top destination for futuristic and professional drafting and design services in New York. We are proud to say that we have had the opportunity to engage with this phase of the most iconic projects in NYC over 15 years of our journey.

Architectural design is actually the vital task that brings an imagined project into a sort of reality. It involves drawings that comprise both building concepts and the requirements for it. The design merges client satisfaction together with alternative elements and methodologies to obtain the desired outcome. Our architects introduce all kinds of shapes to get on par with the client requirements.

On the other hand, drafting is the end segment of the design process. Drafter prepares it to break down the whole thing to technical drawings and it can be either hand sketched or computer aided. These drawings illustrate technical measurements and proportions of the project.

At Hudson Peaks, we offer expert and affordable drafting and design services. Our engineers have accomplished admirable success in serving both residential and commercial projects. We give you exclusive access to the fastest and most trustworthy design facilities. Let’s make a match between the latest software and the brightest minds to achieve a clearcut edge in your architectural endeavour.

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Web designing in a powerful way of just not a profession, however, in a passion for our Company. We have a tendency to believe the idea that smart looking.

As Built Drawings (Including DGN Format)

Shop Drawings

Special Inspections

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Aerial Video And Photography (Pre And Post Construction)

WPS, Welder’s Qualification & Coupon Test

Cost Estimation & Quantity Take Off

Quality Work Plan & Site Safety Plan

NJ Township Permit Coordination

Statistical Analysis

Construction Management

Clash Detections

Architectural Render Tools

Scheduling & Coordination Of Special Inspections

Why Hudsonpeaks

We deal with the aspects of professional Design and Drafting

Hudson Peaks engages, communicates and thrives on exotic ideas. Consequently, we lead the spectrum of drafting & design services in New York. We unfold the original and futuristic ideas before you and guarantee incomparable support in architectural drafting, as-built drawings, renovation drawings and DOB filing, shop drawings, etc. Our team transforms your business, brand or product.

We put our focus on all aspects including building structure, doors and windows, furniture and fixtures, floor, roof elements, product design and so on. Hudson Peaks has developed solid partnerships with local as well as international big shots with its uncompromising quality. Let’s check out what Hudson Peaks offers.

Precise designs

Hudson Peaks professionals always come up with the accurate yet iconic designs, thanks to our vast experience and use of the latest tools. Our strong concepts reach far beyond client requirements. Our in-house engineers are remarkably adept at maintaining premium quality in design and drafting services.

Time efficient

Accurate designs highly accelerate your manufacturing or building process. Our holistic approach removes the scope for errors from the outcome. As the need for spending excessive time on the designs diminishes, the project enjoys faster pace.

Visionary partnership

Years of experience has given us a substantial edge in the industry as well. We place the bigger picture at the forefront as we bring people and tech together from day one. Hudson Peaks can both revamp the industry leaders and give a fresh start to an agile start-up.

Affordability and punctuality

We promise unbeatable price for your project. Moreover, keeping in line with the deadlines has been a hallmark of Hudson Peaks motto. We are astonishingly fast at putting the conceptual sketches to manufacturing or construction ready drawings.

Best things together

We employ the best minds and the latest technology in the mix. The result is always awe inspiring for all stakeholders. Outstanding leadership, great moral integrity and jaw dropping success gets us going forward.

Service Area

We Offer Design and Drafting Service For

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Residential Buildings


Commercial Buildings


Train Stations & Airport




Hotels & Resorts


Schools & University


Industrial & Gas Stations


Historical Monuments

How It Works

Check Out Our Work Process

We tend to each detail in your shop drawings by following every standard you lay down.

We allocate a drafter PM to your company. He/she ensures the shop drawings meet both our drafting standards and yours.

Working with Hudson Peaks on our project has been great!   The process of having over 100 individual As Built Drawings made by the Hudson Peaks team was flawless. Great work by Meraj and the Hudson Peaks staff!

Brian Lind

PM of Ahern Painting Contractors for C-33242R